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News from the Picture Division.
  • Dance of the Water Bears
    A video for my album Bedtime Stories for a Fainting Goat. Featuring some silicone Water Bear marionette puppetry.
    18 February 2017 // 0 Comments
  • My most recent video for my own album Bedtime Stories for a Fainting Goat.
    05 February 2017 // 0 Comments
  • Happy_Holidays_2016
    See you all in 2017!
    24 December 2016 // 0 Comments
  • arte + tecnologia + sostenibilidad
    A new Spanish language video I helped edit for Angel Gonzales about her art and philosophy.
    09 April 2016 // 0 Comments
  • A new piece I finished for Beckon that profiles the artist Angela Gonzales and her creation of a commissioned piece for them.
    18 December 2015 // 0 Comments
  • santa vs selfie
    I made a short film for the holidays. Enjoy!
    07 December 2015 // 0 Comments
  • Finally finished the 2015 reels. Check out the highlight reel.
    17 June 2015 // 0 Comments
  • earthquakes460x220
    I just finished this music video for the band Zen Arcadia.
    02 March 2015 // 0 Comments
  • A music video I made for an album I released. This video combines both digital and practical techniques to create a unique take on the “helmet cam”...
    27 December 2014 // 0 Comments
  • Here’s a recently completed project I created for Beckon.      
    21 June 2014 // 0 Comments


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